Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid
Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024
Live & Hybrid

About FounderX

India’s only fellowship program designed to equip working professionals with the skills, mindset and network required to build a successful startup.

Somewhere in your life, you've dreamt of building something of your own. Maybe to create impact, to be your own boss, or to earn significant wealth!

But every time you've thought about starting, you've asked yourself, "What if I fail?" 

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‘Fear of failure’ is a popular killjoy of dreams and comes in various forms → “Am I ready? Is my idea good enough? How do I build my dream team? I'm waiting for a tech co-founder! How on earth do I raise funds to get started?”

The truth is, you're seeking validation and proof of your ability to be a Startup Founder. You’ll not find it in random online communities or YouTube videos.

What you need is consistent feedback from top founders and a supportive peer network to back you when you need it the most. But most importantly, you need a structured step-by-step approach to bring your idea to life.

What Sets FounderX Apart?

A unique program where you build your startup idea and pitch it to investors to secure funding and win an equity-free grant of ₹2.5 Lakh at the Demo Day!


From Idea To Launch-Ready In 12 Weeks

Ditch theory, build a real-world business! Validate your idea, talk to real customers, and refine your strategy with our hands-on approach. Top teams get the exclusive chance to showcase their ideas to top investors for funding and to win an equity-free grant of ₹2.5 Lakh!

FounderX adopts an 80-20 philosophy, focusing on the 20% of knowledge that yields 80% of the impact. Learn essential skills with a real impact on your startup journey from India’s top 1% founders.

With 25+ hands-on sessions & workshops, FounderX helps you master the a-to-z of starting up – from ideation to validation, from business models to fundraising, and much more.

Personalised Coaching By India’s Top 1% Founders

An exclusive opportunity to pitch your startup idea to a room full of investors at the Convocation and get a chance to secure pre-seed funding while building valuable connections.

Get personalised guidance to enhance your startup's potential. Receive specific insights on your startup approach through group mentorship sessions with top founders & investors.

Curated in-person tours of successful startups. Interact with top founders and investors up close and immerse yourself in the startup ecosystem.

Support Of A Lifelong Community

Connect with passionate and ambitious individuals within our community. Discover potential co-founders & initial hires who share your vision and complement your skill set.

Managing uncertainty is one of the core jobs of every founder. Learn from mentors and peers within the community, equipping yourself to navigate tricky and ambiguous situations.

Leverage the power of a 100+ strong FounderX alumni network. Whether you’re validating an idea, seeking a co-founder, raising money, or just looking for partners to build with — you’ll find the right people to help you along the way.

Past Speakers & Mentors

Learn from founders and investors who have built billion-dollar businesses!

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Info Edge

Gopal Srinivasan

TVS Capital Funds

Sanket Shah


Ankit Agrawal


Ankit Nagori


Ashish Tulsian


Anup Jain

Leading Early Stage VC

Nitya Sharma


Swati Bhargava


Sandeep Aggarwal


Ankit Mehrotra


Malika Sadani

The Moms Co.

Arjun Vaidya

V3 Ventures

Ashwin Raguraman

Bharat Innovation Fund

Ashish Kashyap


Shashank Randev


Dhruvil Sanghvi


Gaurav Ranjan

Prime Venture Partners

Akshay Chaturvedi

Leverage Edu

Venus Dhuria

Phot.AI,, Veda.VC

Anagh Prasad


Himanshu Periwal


Mayank Nagpal


Suraj Malik

Legacy Growth Partners

Reeju Datta

Cashfree Payments

Akash Gupta

Zypp Electric

Agniva Si

Superlaunch Studio

Kshitij Shah

Digital Strategy Works

Ishaan Khosla


Ankur Pahwa


Ayush Jaiswal

Pesto Tech

Maanav Sagar

Bharat Founders Fund

Siddhartha Ahluwalia


Shiva Shanker

Ankur Capital

Soumitra Mishra

Merak Ventures

Dr. Shakti Goel

Yatra Online

Kalpana Bansal


Shipra Bhutada

User Connect Consultancy

Akhilesh Agarwal

ex-pi Ventures, DeepTech Angel Investor

Chinmaya Saxena


Karthik Prabhakar


Krish Ramineni


& Mentors

How Is The 12 Week
Journey Structured?

Each week of FounderX is crafted to help you go from ideation, and validation to pitching in front of top investors with a chance to win an equity-free grant of ₹2.5 Lakh!

Live & Hybrid

Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024

Week 0

In-Person Orientation & Kick-Off

Kick off your journey in style by joining us at the exclusive Orientation Day event in Bengaluru. Meet your peers and network with exceptional founders.

Week 1-11



Building Founder’s Mindset & Startup Reality Check



Mastering Market Research & Exploring Hot Sectors



Finalising & Validating Your Startup Idea



Designing Your Business Model



Building Your Go-To-Market Strategy



No-Code Product Development



Fundraising & Pitching 101



Developing Core Founder Skills



Maximising Efficiency Through Automation & AI



Mentorship Week



Final Practice Week

Week 12

The Grand Convocation & Demo Day

Pitch to top investors and get a chance to secure pre-seed funding and a ₹2.5 Lakh grant. Build valuable connections with the who’s who of the startup fraternity at the grand Convocation in Delhi.

Your Weekly Schedule At FounderX


5-6 hours on weekdays


6-8 hours live on weekends


Overall 12-15 hours per week

Raise Up To $1 Mn Funding From Investors

Some Investors Who Attend The Convocation

Founder Investors

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Arjun Vaidya

Akash Gupta

Sandeep Aggarwal

Dhruvil Sanghvi

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Arjun Vaidya

Akash Gupta

Sandeep Aggarwal

Dhruvil Sanghvi

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Arjun Vaidya

Akash Gupta

Sandeep Aggarwal

Dhruvil Sanghvi

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Arjun Vaidya

Akash Gupta

Sandeep Aggarwal

Dhruvil Sanghvi

VC Funds

Application Process
& Program Fee

  • Step 1

    Submit Application

    Submit your application by filling out the form and paying the application fee.

    * Application Fee is fully refundable if your application is rejected or if you're not selected for the program.

  • Step 2

    Application Review

    After a review by the FounderX curation team, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview call to understand their ambitions and fit for the program.

  • Step 3

    Enrolment Fee

    If you're offered a spot, complete your FounderX enrolment by paying the remaining fee of ₹ 1,24,999 + 18% GST.

    RoundDeadlineInterviewsCourse Fee
    Early Bird05th May MayRs 99,999
    Round 130th JuneJuneRs 1,24,999
    Round 230th JulyJulyRs 1,49,999

* Application fee is fully refundable if you’re not selected for the Program.

*EMI   Options Available

Program Fee

INR 1,49,999

Round 1 Cohort Fee

Save INR 25,000

INR 1,24,999 + GST

  • image Master a structured approach to starting up across 25+ knowledge sessions
  • image Get mentored & coached by 30+ India’s top founders & investors
  • image Build your startup idea and pitch to investors for funding at the Demo Day
  • image Chance to win an equity-free grant of ₹2.5 Lakh
  • image Join a community of ambitious peers & a thriving alumni community

Who Is It For?

Anyone who has the courage and ambition to build a high-growth startup should apply!


Working Professionals

  • Startup Operators: Who wants to start thinking & executing like a startup founder. 
  • Corporate Professionals: Seeking exposure to early-stage methodologies and operating culture of startups.
  • Solopreneurs: Wanting to transform their freelance services into a product-based startup. 


  • Business Owners: Entrepreneurs running traditional businesses looking to learn how to build new-age tech startups.
  • Pre-Revenue Startup Founders: Looking to improve their startup’s value proposition by learning from top founders.
  • Second-Chance Entrepreneurs: Who are starting over and want to maximise their chances of success.

Hear From Our Faculty & Alumni

Contact Us

Get In Touch


Sharad Goel


+91 9560040181


Team FounderX


Request A Call Back

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Don't Wait!
It's Time To Bring Your Startup Dreams To Life

Live & Hybrid

Cohort 3 Starts On 3rd August 2024

Asked Questions


FounderX by Inc42 is an immersive fellowship that equips working professionals with the skills, mindset and network required to build a successful startup. Master a structured approach to starting up across 12 weeks and bring your startup idea to life under the guidance of India’s top 1% founders and investors. Get an exclusive opportunity to pitch your ideas to investors during Demo Day and win an equity-free grant of ₹2.5 Lakh.

The 12-week FounderX program will start with an in-person orientation event in Bangalore and then continue virtually for the next 11 weeks, followed by a 3-day in-person Convocation week in Delhi-NCR. In the Convocation week, we’ll host an Internal Demo Day, Startup Office Tour and then the final Demo Day at the Convocation.

Each fellow will be working individually on their startup ideas during the program. If you wish to collaborate with your peers and form a team, you can do that, provided the team size doesn’t exceed 3 members.

FounderX fellows come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. You’ll find mid to senior working professionals from MNCs and startups, traditional business owners, pre-revenue startup founders and even failed entrepreneurs.

Fellows are expected to spend 6-8 hours on weekends attending the live sessions and another 5-6 hours across weekdays to develop their startup ideas and complete assignments.

You’ll get access to the session recordings in our internal community the day after a session has concluded.

We want you to experience the full value of the program and that’s why attending in-person Orientation Day and the Convocation week would be very useful. ​​We request you plan your trip in advance or talk to us about your challenges. However, if it’s unavoidable then you can skip the in-person weekends. Please note, we do not livestream or record sessions hosted during in-person events.

Yes, you’ll meet dozens of investors during the live sessions and offline events like Demo Day, exclusive networking event at the Convocation and more.

Yes, there’s a possibility but it depends on how solid your business plan is and if you can impress investors. 10 fellows will get the opportunity to pitch their startup at the Internal Demo Day in the Convocation Week and the top 5 will get to pitch their startup to top investors at the final Demo Day. One fellow with the best pitch (judged by investors) will win ₹2.5 Lakh in equity-free grant and the fellows will have the chance to secure a pre-seed funding of up to $1 Mn.

Yes, you will have to bear the cost of travel and stay during the in-person weekends. We will be sharing recommendations for accommodations mid-way through the program.

Transfers before cohort start: You can defer your admission to the next cohort without any additional fees, as long as the request is submitted before the current cohort begins.

Transfers after cohort start: Deferring admission after the program starts incurs a transfer fee of INR 50,000 or 50% of total fee of the next cohort, whichever is higher.

Eligibility: You must meet the eligibility criteria for the program you wish to transfer to.

Fee Adjustments:

  • If the new program has a higher fee, you will need to pay the difference amount to complete your enrollment.
  • If the new program has a lower fee, you will receive a refund for the differential amount


Application & Enrolment

Yes, to apply to FounderX you’ll need to pay ₹999 as the application fee which is fully refundable if you’re not selected for the program. In case, you’re offered a seat but you choose to not move ahead with it, the application fee will not be refunded.

If your application is rejected, we will issue a complete refund within 7-10 days.

Sorry, there’s no special discount for Inc42 Plus members at the moment.

Since this is a highly-curated cohort, we look for people who are truly passionate about building a successful startup. We also evaluate what value a candidate brings to the cohort for his/her peers since peer learning is a major component of this program. Besides this, the FounderX team will review each application and conduct review calls before finalising a decision on your application.

Unfortunately, the seat is not transferable. We encourage you to continue your journey. However, if you have unavoidable situations, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll try our best to find a solution.

You can write to us any time at [email protected] for anything related to FounderX.